Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Serenity

Blue beach-nice place to hang out home streamyx is on again! Thank god... i don't have to wait for amonth for the perbadanan putrajaya to change the stolen telephone cables.

It been fun outing... went to PD with my officemates (the best n sporting ever) last weekend and just yesterday when to baganlalang...for jalan2 cari makan yumyum.

My first time to PD \o/. It was a great place...serenity place! The weather was so good but it was not last long. Neway i enjoyed the moment so much.

Me turun padang. Abdza's wife an expert bbq-er

Alin playing with my kite- bought it from pantai kelanang. So sad i lost it that day. She mistakenly sangkutkan on a big tree

Saro smoking saro's fish- sisik kecil2 and banyak kat tesco

Jalan2 cari makan dinner at baganlalang. A res. called restaurant senandung facing the beach. Nice place for fresh seafood. Had a photo session before that. LOL it was a fun session i was the photographer (hahaha even not skilled)... Nine of us with two so call shooting challenges individual and partner and 3 shoots for each. It was hilarious everybody were very sporting and tried their best to be the next top model...

The top model contestant

Restaurant senandung..fresh seafood available.

Post sungguh berkarektor from jae and firdaus! Bravo2

Tango atas air. Talented shidi :p. Kanak2 riang.


dazzling 948 said...

eavay mmg talented!!

Abdullah Zainul Abidin said...

Wow.. you had two weekends in a row at the beach.. ;)

Had a great time at PD.. :D Next time we'll plan when it's not forecast to rain.. :P

ejb said...

Tq jaja.

Yeah it was... 2 great weekends in a row. Lol we better be next time make sure there will be no rain...