Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I eat this...suckling pig


Felt so tired today. MyGOSSCON day 1...but so itchy to post this blog about my last weekend dining. When to a place that suitable only if u thinking bout having pork! Eat it from nose to tail :)).

It kinda like a sisters reunion. Went for churching for a little bless b4 go eating and fishing :P. Well we actually have to wait till our reservation is valid...reserved a table at 8.30.

The tiny restaurant is located at Jalan Changkat Bukit Bintang. Walking distance from Bukit Bintang monorail. Cute dining place decoration with pig's picture at every reminds the spider pig song...spider pig spider pig lalala. Time is not for wasted! In less than a glance we already ordered half roasted sulking pig, 3 glasses of diet coke (konon2 la mo diet) and a bottle of happy drink. Drink that when you drink too much it will makes u reveal you secret. A bottle of white wine that yummy2... go excellent with spaghetti mixed seafood with lobster cream. Really enjoyed the food...and a young fish ;).

The special thing about the suckling pig menu is u must first chop it with a plate and later make a wish before breaking it into pieces (brute action- throw it into a wide opened barrel). If the plate broken then your wish will be granted..hehe perhaps someday in your life (crap but fun)..hahaha... Get married soon..that was her itchy older sister (hehe don't b angry coz i'm telling the world) . He will also know...i will make sure he will read this post. :)).


Chopping pig...

I kiss this...!!

I'm a barbarian...