Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I have a superpower!!

Been having a numb mind since morning...super insensitive mind. A low production worker. Blurrrrrrr programmer... whatever you wanna call it.

Spend my time with my sister last weekend. Feeding her hunger of seeing the real-time thaipusam stunt. Have gone to thaipusam for two days. It was a very colorful festival...many colors and many rubish (they should provide more ashcan on that area, provide it alot and in bigger size). Shoted quite alot of pictures, more than 500 hundres but i have not have the time to upload on my flick.

It was a hot celebration, you can hardly see the ground when you look down from the most top of the batu caves steps. All you can see is a black dot walking. I don't know how high the steps is, but i was manage to reach the top twice...it was tiring but that is what i did after my sister mentioned these words "You know what, you can lose pounds if if u climb" hehehe...irresistable for me!! :(

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Abdullah Zainul Abidin said...

Lol.. so how many pounds did you lose? :P